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Mentoring Matters for Middle Level and Secondary Principals: May 2019

Leadership-life Fit—Attending to the Well-being of the Team 


A recent Gallup report reveals 44 percent of Americans feel burned out at work at least some of the time. Try these 3 strategies to win big over burnout! 



Leadership ImpactYour Leadership Identity, Mission, Purpose, and Vision 


Is your school a better school because you lead it? Baruti Kafele delves into this question by breaking it down into a variety of reflective questions to help you gain clarity and insight into your impact as a leader—a great way to assess this school year and gear up for next! Working through these questions and the article in your mentoring partnership would be a powerful way to collaborate around strategies for increasing your effectiveness. 


In an article in  Educational LeadershipKafele challenges us to think about our leadership identity, mission, purpose and vision (read the full article):


What is your identity?  

What does your presence mean in the eyes of your students, staff, parents, and the community?  

When your students and staff see or think of you, what comes to mind?  

Does your leadership identity affect the climate, culture, and achievement in your school?  

Is how you see yourself consistent with how others view you? 

What, if any, shifts do you want to make in your identity as a principal moving into the 2019-20 school year? What will that mean in terms of your leadership behaviors? 


What is your mission (your what—what is your work about)? 

With all that is on your plate, what's the one thing you feel you must absolutely accomplish?  

What drives you above all else and keeps you up at night?  

What is your leadership mission? 


What is your purpose (your why—why do you do it)? 

Why specifically do you do this work?  

Why did you make the decision to lead a school? 


What do you value and are you living in alignment with your values? (Your response to these questions helps surface values) 

What brings you joy? 

How do you spend your time? 

With whom do you spend your time? 

How do you spend your money? 


  What is your vision for leadership and for your school? 

  As a leader, how will your skills evolve?  

How will you improve and become more effective as a leader one year from today?  

What will this improvement look like?  

Where will your school be in five years as a result of your direction? 

To what heights will it rise because you are at the helm?  

In what way will it distinguish itself from other schools? 


Are you having the impact you want to have? How do you know? 


Serving English Language Learners 


How well do your resources support the needs of your English Language Learners? Use this inventory tool to determine areas of strength and opportunities to develop stronger materials. 


Check out the At-a-Glance ELLs in the U.S.


Leading with Mental Health in Mind 


Connect with any of these resources to better understand anxiety and how to support your students (and teachers) who suffer from it. 


Anxiety affects one in three students and presents differently in each. No one-size-fits-all treatment will address all those who suffer anxiety. This makes it especially challenging to serve their needs; however, these practical resources can pave the way to better understanding anxiety.

  1.  Anxiety and Depression Association of America - … “a leader in education, training, and research for anxiety, depression and related disorders.”
  2.  National Alliance on Mental Health - Learn about anxiety disorders and options for treatments as well as strategies for caring for those who have the disorder.
  3.  Apple Podcast: Panic Attack Recovery - This series of podcasts includes contributions from those who have suffered anxiety and how they have navigated their disorder.
  4.  NPR Podcast: Helping kids with anxiety
  5.  What to Say (and Not to Say) to Someone with Anxiety
  6.  Mental Health First Aid – How to Help Someone with Anxiety
  7.  Helping Ease Student Anxiety (ASCD article)
  8.  Classroom Interventions for Children with Anxiety Disorders (medically reviewed article)
  9.  State of Iowa Mental and Behavioral Health Resources 

Monthly checklist

These lists are intended as a guide—we encourage you to process in your mentor-mentee team to identify other items that may need your attention!