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Mentoring Matters for Elementary Principals: December 2017

Leadership-life Fit: Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Research shows that an “attitude of gratitude” can measurably improve your overall well-being and therefore improve your leadership-life fit. Watch this two-minute video to discover the science of gratitude and simple ways you can practice it!

Leadership 101—Build Resilience and Handle Tough Conversations

Develop your facility with these six strategies to increase your capacity for emotional composure and resilience in the midst of high-stakes, emotionally charged situations.

We are not born with an innate ability to navigate difficult conversations—those where emotions run high. However, we can develop practices and incorporate strategies to increase our emotional health and well being such that we are better prepared when faced with angry faces, tears, screaming, silence, and other outward signs of emotional turmoil!

Inc. columnist provides six ways in which to build emotional resilience:

1. Identify your stress response.
2. Get out of your head.
3. Fuel your body – eat healthy, sleep, and exercise.
4. Be clear about your purpose, your why.
5. Be empathetic.
6. Be intentional – know your impact.

To delve more deeply into the six, read the full column.

Take an even deeper dive with this Harvard Business Review article “How to Control Your Emotions During a Difficult Conversation” by workplace dynamics expert, Amy Gallo.

Leading Learning – Resources to Support Digital Citizenship

Can your students recognize fake news? What tools and strategies can help support them in identifying misleading information? Be sure to check out the list of linked resources to support digital citizenship at the end of the article.

Leading Literacy – Supporting Cross-curricular Literacy Instruction

How well do your students adapt their reading strategies to fit the unique demands of each content area? Or, do they wonder about how and when to apply any given strategy? What can you do as principal to support disciplinary literacy?

This recent article in Principal magazine offers insight as to the current state of reading instruction and the shifts that need to occur for students to be able to read and comprehend effectively any text they encounter. The author includes eight tips for principals to sustain a schoolwide culture of literacy.

Leading Like Santa

In this reflection of Santa as leader, the author discusses the CEO of Southwest Airlines and other leaders who exemplify the “Santa Style” amid significantly changing times. This commentary encourages us to think about “all that is good about being in charge.”

Monthly calendar and checklist

These lists are intended as a guide—we encourage you to process in your mentor-mentee team to identify other items that may need your attention!